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Types of massages ThaiTherapy

Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is a unique experience that will remove your daily stress and blocked energy pathways in your body. It consists in pushing on your pressure spots, which relaxes muscles, knuckle-bones, tendons, feet, stretches the spine and brings the body an overall physical and mental relaxation. Regular massages help knuckle-bones mobility, enhance the activity of internal organs and your nervous system and improve blood circulation.


Oil massage

This is a full body massage, which is being done while using of special essential oils that have wholesome effects on the skin. This massage helps to remove exhaustion, stress and tension. Oil massage is done up to the complete relaxation of your body, which regenerates the whole organism.


Euforia with warm oil

This full body massage is done with the use of warm essential oil. The masseuse warms oil to a pleasant temperature and starts massage in the area of lower limbs, then continues with the back muscles and spine and at the end makes the massage of the upper limbs. The massage is finished as the masseuse ends with relaxing touches of the head and face. You will feel reborn.


COMBI-a combination of oil and traditional Thai massage

This is a full body massage, which combines traditional Thai massage with Oil massage. Excellent combination of two in one massage.

Relaxing massage

We recommend you this massage, if you want to switch off and relax. The masseuse will move at a slower pace while using a moderate pressure. During the massage, there is less emphasis put on working with severe adhesions or nodules in muscle tissue and masseuse will not push that hard to make muscles relaxed. Although the relaxing massage has considerable health benefits: it calms the nervous system, supports a feeling of well-being, improves blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system of the body.


Therapeutic massage

These massages rectify dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. 

- for both little and adult athletes    

- for relaxing the muscles from working on your computer 

- for loosing hips, back and gluteal muscles 


This is a unique massage use of warm oil with aromatherapy  Massagea is an extremely highly effective therapeutic and relaxing technique with cleaning effect and it is considered as one of the rejuvenating therapies. It improves memory, enhances immunity, deeply relaxes and regenerates the nervous system, helps against insomnia, eliminates anxiety and fear, heals migraines and headaches, positively reduces high blood pressure, nourishes the body tissues and rejuvenates the skin, has impacts on asthma, diabetes, cholesterol and gastric ulcers. 

Pregnancy massage

This type of massage is suitable for expectant mothers from 3 - 9 month of pregnancy. Oil Thai massage brings pleasant feeling and relaxation for both mother and the baby in the form of a light massage, where are 100% natural oils being used. Pregnancy massage relieves the knuckle-bones, back, lymphatic system, it is beneficial for the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the child and it also improves mother’s sleep and skin.


Massage for new mums

This massage helps to recover a tired body and get back into shape as soon as possible. It is beneficial for the formation of milk, regenerates the uterus, reduces stress and helps to relax and regenerate the abdominal muscles.


Kids massage

This massage is suitable for children. A child selects an oil that according to her/him. smells the best. The masseuse is then focused on total relaxation and calming the child while using very soft touches. This type of massage is suitable for children older than five years.


SIAM - 2 masseuses

This is a really unique experience. Massage is performed by two masseuses in sync with the use of oil. It leads to an intensive stress reduction, complete muscle relaxation and the client experiences a total harmony of body and soul.


Royal healing herbal massage

During this massage are a specially heated herbal pouches being put on the spots where energy flows. These special pouches contains Thai herbs and spices, which helps to complete relaxation and stress relief, skin firming, long-lasting physical and mental well-being. This is a unique massage, which is rightly called the Royal.


Golf massage

Thanks to the Golf massage, we are able to maximize range of motion and flexibility, which allows you more efficient game with greater ease and accuracy. We use special Thai techniques, including a comparison of muscle energy and stretching techniques. This massage includes reducing neck and shoulder pain, which relaxes you and helps to focus more on the ball. Golf massage increases the range of motion of the body, which allows better backswing. Attention is also being focused on forearms and hands, which improves the adhesion. One of the most important advantages is that this massage loosens the hip and lower part of the back muscles, which increases the ability to rotate during the swing and reduces low back pain. A regular massage can not only improve your play, but also significantly decrease the risk of injury.


Massage with lava stones

It is a combination of Thai and Hawaiian massage. Lava stones have a strong energy vibrations and contain large amount of iron. This massage has more intense effects in unblocking of stiff muscles with hot stones, which are put on the entire body. It is not recommended for cardiacs, pregnant women and people with varicose veins. Massage with lava stones is very pleasant, especially in the cold season.


Coconut massage

Coconut massage is a massage of the entire body while using coconut virgin oil, which has a beneficial effect on the skin. The skin remains soft, elastic and healthy after the massage. Massage is ended by a massage of the face, where coconut oil as a natural collagen smooths fine wrinkles and gives brightness to the skin. We also cannot forget mentioning a pleasant coconut smell during the whole procedure.

Mango  massage

Mango massage is a massage of the entire body while using rmango oil , which has a beneficial effect on the skin . The skin remains soft, elastic and healthy after the massage. Massage is ended by a massage of the face, where mango oil smooths fine wrinkles and gives brightness to the skin. We also cannot forget mentioning a pleasant mango  exotic aroma during the whole procedure.


Back and neck massage

Special massage technique can help chronic muscle pain and discomfort in the back and neck area , where we usually need it the most. Back and neck massage is excellent for those who have only a little time and lots of everyday tension and stress hold in themselves.


Hands massage

Hand and arm massage loosens sore strained hands and relaxes the knuckle-bones in the arms and fingers. It also improves the inlet and outlet of the blood in tissues, it very pleasantly warms hands and palms and it helps to remove waste substances away from the body. It reduces the risk of developing carpal tunnel inflammation, which is a disease often related with work on the computer. Therefore is a massage of hands an appropriate complement to, for example, the classic massage.


Feet massage

Feet massage removes pain, improves blood circulation and calms the nervous system. This is a perfect way to support the activity of the lymphatic system and get rid of heavy and swollen legs. Special oils and herbal ointments are being used during the massage.


Face and head massage

This massage has relaxing and lifting effects. It helps to remove wrinkles, it rejuvenates the face and affects the central nervous system. The skin after the massage remains beautiful and vital. Thanks to its excellent relaxation effects is the massage of the face and head suitable not only for women but for men as well.


Breast massage

Massage of breast helps to improve health of the breast tissue, relieves pain and pressure (such as during menstruation, pregnancy, lactation), reduces scars after surgery, reduces fibroids and cysts, prevents stretch marks. Additionally, this type of massage increases strength and elasticity of the skin and removes waste products accumulated in this area.


Body peeling

Full body peeling has antidepressant effects, eliminates fatigue and has a beneficial effect on the skin of the body. It removes the top layer of dry skin, brightens and rejuvenates the skin. After the peeling a client washes himself in the shower, which is available. Skin stays fresh, soft and scented. You have a choice of two kinds of scrubs - Cleansing sea salt or softer Thermal Gommage made of sweet almonds, wheat seeds and crushed nuts. Body peeling is also recommended before sunbathing in order to get balanced suntan.


Anti-cellulite massage

Massage with the use of anti-cellulite oil helps to fight cellulite, visibly improves the appearance of the skin and helps to reduce the volume of the problematic areas. In order for the massage to be effective, special moves are required with the use of force, which reduces skin fat and cellulite. We recommend 10 repetitions.


Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage is a very soft surface massage, which, however, can positively affect the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage has a positive effect on the immune system and cellulite, and also helps to fight against ageing. Massage is carried out manually while using a powder and has excellent effects. We recommend repetition and following healthy drinking regime.


Relax massage for couples

This is a relaxing massage that is designed for couples. The massage takes place in a common room, which brings you a pleasure of common relaxation and regeneration of the body and soul. The price is for two people.

                                                                                    Tantric massage

Tantric massage involves not only the physical body but also operates on a deeper plane of energy and soul. It leads to awake the body’s energy, which is abundant all over the body and directs up - along the spine through all the chakras. Repetition leads to open hearts and a deeper experience of life. Meditative state that occurs has an immense healing effects.

Chocolate massage

Chocolate massage is also names as a ritual that cossets you. During the massage you get into the psychological and mental well-being. Genuine natural chocolate affects the nervous system, enriches the skin with minerals, moisturizes and soothes.


Sport  massage

This massage is intended for athletes and people who perform demanding physical performance. Relieves strained muscles. Individual approach.

                                                                                     Massage senior 

It is a full-body massage for seniors from 65 years and over. Individual approach.

                                                                                     Royal care

If you looking for something really special, investigate for yourself time in ThaiTherapy. After the Royal Care procedure you will feel like a true queen, a king.

It starts with a foot bath, followed by a body scrub that removes dead skin particles and prepares the skin for the next steps. This is followed by a full-body massage and a nurturing mask, after which your body is wrapped in a warm blanket. Finishing with royal massage of the face or legs.

                                                                                 Migraine treatment 

                                                                        Computer syndrome treatment

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